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We have American boxwoods, Buxus Sempervirens, which has a long, somewhat oval leaf compared to an English boxwood which is more rounded.   These boxwoods are deer resistant (I know this first hand since our farm is populated with whitetail deer and we have sustained no damage).  The American boxwood is a much faster grower than the English and can grow to a height of 12 – 15 feet in 20 years if they are not sheared.  However, they can be easily maintained at 5 – 6 feet with an annual shaping.  They are extremely cold hardy.  These American boxwoods make great hedge rows, privacy fences, and can be sheared in many interesting shapes.

We have many sizes from 24 inches up to 48 inches in height.   Our boxwoods have been fertilized regularly, are full-bodied, and healthy.  We will be competitive with market pricing and will do our best to accommodate any pickup schedule requested.


We will price our boxwoods:

You dig, burlap, and pickup at our farm.

Price will depend on the quantity you want and above option you choose.  Please contact us if you are interested in purchasing.


Boxwoods are very hardy and can be transplanted at any time of the year if you water them on a regular schedule.  They have shallow roots and require a root ball around the drip line of the plant but not at a great depth.

Our farm is open for you to dig your own boxwood if you prefer.
We have NO minimum order amount.
We will furnish you the shovel and the burlap in which to wrap the root ball.

However, if you wish to pick up your boxwoods after we have dug and burlapped them, we can usually accommodate that option.

You will need to contact us to make an appointment for either digging or pickup of boxwoods.

Please give us a call here at Angel Wings Farm if you are interested in purchasing one or many of our boxwoods.  Phone 276-398-3548
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